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Culinary delights

Claudia's kitchen

Claudia personally oversees the preparation of honest, hearty meals and guarantees high quality from start to finish.

The Waldbichl is known for its authentic local cuisine. It is especially important to us to use locally sourced, natural products for our tasty menus, from the garden veggies to the freshly laid eggs from local farmers.

The ideal position of our meadows allows us to raise cows, sheep and pigs in an organic, natural way. Taste our freshly caught trout and let us pamper you with typical local specialities like roasted potatoes, sausages, liver, speck bacon or freshly made dumplings!

You really, really don't want to miss Claudia's cooking - it is amazing!

Tip: for your dessert, try our farmhouse ice cream - you can taste the difference!!

The Südtiroler Gasthaus group looks forward to welcoming you!

The hosts of the Südtiroler Gasthaus group as well as their staff
are proud of the centuries-old South Tyrolean inn culture
and live this hospitality with heart and soul
in their family-run inns every day.

The “Südtiroler Gasthaus” is a place
… where you can feel real South Tyrolean hospitality and where a cosy get-together is appreciated.
… where traditions are lived and cultivated but where we are also open to new and different influences.
… where the best that both our region and the current season offer is served.
… where the dialect is at home, where stories are told and passed on from generation to generation and where

sometimes history is made at the regulars' table.
… where everybody is welcome and where you immediately feel at ease.

It doesn't matter if you are a tourist from far away or if you just live around the corner - YOU are important here!

We really live true South Tyrolean hospitality – with lots of zest and enthusiasm every day!

Real Quality in The Mountains

The "Real Quality in the Mountains" award highlights those hoteliers and inn owners that conduct their business in an exemplary manner and that offer genuine authenticity and quality in the mountains. The Merano marketing company gives out the "Real Quality in the Mountains" award to companies that voluntarily undergo a self-assessment test and obtain a minimum number of positive reviews. The result is a points system that is a self-assessment test for operators and hoteliers alike.